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There are few people in this world who radiate creativity on a constant basis, less that have the ability to harness it, and fewer still that infuse that energy into everything they touch; Jhené is a beacon of art. A mind that can perceive any challenge as the opportunity that it truly is. The vision to unlock the hidden value in anything. Wisdom to navigate and communicate the unspoken ideas of what has never been witnessed before in the world, and the tools to bring it to life. She is an asset every team of creatives. She is a creative force that will always deliver a product that is above and beyond expectations. It is a pleasure to work alongside her, and I am consistently inspired by her craft.

-Connor Boyle, Assistant Director (Summertime Dropouts, Lapham Rising)


Jhené is a master at maximizing creativity and serving the film and story at any budget. Her keen ability to interweave the artistic environment with character in subtle and seamless ways, ongoingly astounds me. Its always difficult to find adaptive and affective artists with strong work ethic and the personality to take with you into the trenches of production but fortunately for me, Jhené has been an ever reliable resource in my ongoing filmmaking adventures.


-Haylar Garcia, Writer / Director (An American Terror, Apartment 212)

Having worked with Jhené Chase in the past, it was next to impossible to imagine making a film without collaborating with such an amazing talent, leader and creator. Jhené's eye and heart for production design is unparalleled. Her unique style and ability to translate a director's vision are what makes her such a joy to work with. Jhené managed a large team and met and exceeded all of our expectations and then some. If you're looking for someone that knows how to stretch a budget and get the most on screen, Jhené is a great choice.

Would I hire her again? Cats yes.


-Devin Hume, Writer / Director (Shiny ThingsMaking A Killing)

I had the great privilege of graduating from Film School with Jhené Chase, where she honoured my film projects with not only her extraordinary talents as a production designer/art director, but simply with her presence. She's one of those people who is passionate not just for her own specific role, but about the overall project, and is so in the moment on a film set that she can solve almost any problem with her quick, on-the-spot ingenuity and creativity. I've seen it time and time again. Her attention to detail in both pre-production and production have made any project I've collaborated with her on insurmountably better, and I can't imagine my films without her unique and magical touch.


-Blake Talley, Writer / Director (Tachyon)

I have worked on several Colorado film projects/productions with Jhené Chase, her artistic talent and hard work is unsurpassed. Jhené is one of the most creative individuals I have ever worked with. Her artistic talents are only rivaled by her dedication and love for film.


-Ben Clarke, Producer (Caged Starling, Orchid)

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